Data Processing …

Innasoft has extensive expertise in providing data processing services to execute the most complex data cleaning, tabulation projects, and analysis requirements. Having undertaken a number of projects demanding complex data processing tasks, the data processing team can handle a wide spectrum of research requirements, from simple mining projects to large-scale, multi-country, multi-wave and multi-format data analysis initiatives. Expertise in Quantum, SPSS, Dimensions, Ascribe.

Standard services include:

* Data Validation and Preparation

* Data Merging and Conversion

* Data Tabulation

* Data weighting

* Verbatim coding

* Data Charting

Deliverable options include:

Raw Data Files: ASCII, delimited, Excel and labeled SPSS

Crosstabs: All variables cross-tabulated by client-defined groups

Descriptive statistics: Frequencies, percentages, means, standard deviation, statistical testing between groups

Innasoft offers a full range of data reporting options from simple cross-tabs to more sophisticated and customized visualization techniques. Our fast, accurate data processing services will save you that extra step, so that you can focus on marketing and strategy.