What Is Seo?  Is It Important For A Website?
12-Jun-2017 01:10 PM

What Is Seo? Is It Important For A Website?

Search Engine Optimisation in short SEO is nothing but a set of instructions that should be followed by the website owners to optimise their business websites. Optimising a website for search engines and thus improve their visibility with most appropriate targeted keyword rankings. Creating a SEO friendly website is not an easy thing. In order to achieve this, a website must satisfy the google SEO guidelines. A website which is ready to start with SEO should satisfy the below conditions:

1. It should be user friendly

2. No content duplication

3. Proper navigation and url structure

4. Social presence

5. Mobile friendly etc..,

SEO is Good for Business Visibility and Branding:

Whenever people search for a product, most of the business owner want to show up their website in top search results. This is just because they want their targeted group of people should visit their website and converting them into leads is their ultimate goal. Here comes the point, how can a website would show up on the google SERP’s when someone searches with the related service keywords? The visibility of the website on the google search results is not a small thing to achieve easily. It requires complete dedication on spending on a SEO friendly website. A website should be developed  in such a way that it must be load in fraction of seconds, and the content in it must be duplicate free, it should be mobile friendly and last but not the least in a single word a website should speak about your services with users directly.

SEO brings your business traffic:

Sure, by itself, traffic is not going to make you any money. But chances are that the people who are browsing through may eventually visit your site and may convert into your customers. So you still have to make effort to show up your business to your customers by competing with various other competitors. Because its better to market in one of the corner of the business street rather than trying to make business in an island.

With above advantages of SEO, now you have some idea on how it works for your website right. So does your website has its SEO marketing strategy? If not, you are missing out your valuable customers, dont panic! There are numerous SEO service companies who are offering authenticated marketing services. Get in touch with one among best and make your business visible on search engines.