Website Designing Through Html5 And Css3
09-Jun-2017 06:29 PM

Website Designing Through Html5 And Css3

If you are a web designer, you would always want to know that when it is the time to roll out on HTML5 and CSS3, functionality on the client’s site. While there are plenty of the young designers you have adopted the concept of HTML 5 and CSS3, there has been people who disliked it too. Keeping these in mind we will take a brief tour of Why to use HTML5 and CSS3, for taking your design to another level.


HTML5 is basically, the latest version of hyper text Markup language. It was Steve jobs who once refused to allow flash on ios because there were many bugs. The thought processes behind making HTML5 is not just making a single entity but to make it up through smaller parts and let them work together. To create something that is more creative and innovative.  HTML5 is made up upon the success of HTML4 and thus, it means that a coder does not have to give away with the existing markup. Rather he can build and improve the old one with much more creativity.


 1. Html5 is a lot quicker to load in comparison with its older version.

 2. It is now possible to access to mobile phone application, if written in HTML5.

 3. You get more freedom, creating your website because it’s way too flexible now.

 4. Video, audio, and images are easily written into codes, which does not need as third party interference.

                When using HTML5 and CSS3 together, then nit will give the designer a big time creditability.


CSS3 basically stand s for cascading style sheet. It offers increased flexibility to the designers while they are creating web designs. CSS3 offers some of the best and exciting features that would enhance the look and feel of any website. Though we are very clear about the fact, that there is not compulsion on the functionality of any website. CSS3makes it easier for the designer too for creating some wonderful websites.

Some of the cool tricks that you need to know, about CSS

 1. The feature of box shadow

 2. Easier font addition

 3. Multiple backgrounds

 4. Border images

 5. Opacity levels and many more….

These were just few of them; explore yourself to know more about HTML5 and Css3. If you get some other feature that is worth mentioning please comment don with your answers.