Website Design Trends In 2017
12-Jun-2017 04:51 PM

Website Design Trends In 2017

To stand out in a sea, cling onto the latest web designing trends that will drag out more audience to your page. The era of traditional websites has been ended, every companies started to update themselves for the next generation with lot of ideas to sway the crowd from competitors in savvy ways. Something that looks new yesterday has gone out of trend these days. Now it is time for change, every small-scale company has started migrating by re-designing their websites for a fresh appealing look. To surpass your competitors hire a professional web designers who are well-versed in UI/UX designing.

Elicit some catchy methods that are trending currently over the internet.

Long Scroll

In my percept, 2017 will be great year for the e-retailers. People are more aware about the online business and now they are looking for elite endowment that impresses them with new ideas. Like popular social media using long feeds for user convenience instead of multiple navigation. Websites also started to evacuate with long scroll options with breakdown of images, videos and text contents for vast knowledge. Without navigating one can take glimpse over the service easily, it drags the user attention particularly for some duration.

Videos/ GIF Animations  

In this busy world, no one have interest in reading more content, conveying your message through short videos and GIF images will capture users vision. They will spend some more time for watching if the quality of video is good and creative. Embed some short realistic videos of your service to engage the customers.

Go Artistic

Images are one of the powerful tools for the market capture. Simply bulking out with multiple images makes them annoyed. Make them to say wow by updating high quality images. Go for a photo shoot and capture relevant pictures for your service description. Even a single picture will speak lot it is really creative and with good visuals.

Manage your contents

Your words connect with the user directly. Use catchy taglines and bold contents on the top of the page to seize the users. Arranging the test in horizontal and vertical combinations will also look appealing and enticing.

Adding straightforward simple text dominates your market potential. People annoy indirect contents that come with epitomes. Simple understandable texts create rapport with user easily. Use minimalistic designs and posters, it portraits your creative level to the public.

Well-Structure Layouts

We people have the habit of reading from left to right, using F-layouts with logo, taglines on the top left make users easily know about you. Leave more white space in the page, adding lot of contents and images will look weird. Make it short and crispy for the user convenience.

Keep these points in mind and also drag out some new ideas on your own intelligence to be on the top of conversion rates.