Ways Your Website Is Driving Customers Away
12-Jun-2017 12:58 PM

Ways Your Website Is Driving Customers Away

Is your website live for a while now??  Are all the graphics are in place, everything is linked up correctly??? But for some reason you’re not getting much of the response. People seem to be arriving at your website and leaving within no time. What could be the possible reason for it?

There are few factors which you’ve missed that might be putting people off. Like wisely, most of these are easy to be rectified. In this blog, we would take a look at some of the common reasons why people are leaving your website too quickly.

Auto Playing Music:

Although this feature does seem to be fading from popularity, it still rears its ugly head on the occasional website. Imagine you open one website and suddenly a video out of nowhere pops out with weird noise all around. Won’t you feel irritated and leave the site? This happen to most of your potential customers who visits your website for a reason.  And it hardly the way you want a potential customer to remember you.

Overtly Complicated Navigation:

one more thing that messes you up the most is the fact of the complicated navigation of any website. Once your customer is inside the website, they are more confused than being curious. That is time when

they tend to leave the site without further delay.

No Social Media Links:

Social media seems to be one of the most important things that are in the market today. Everybody would have a page for their business. And the one which does not have a social media page is considered to be outdated. And if you have a social media page but no link of it in your website, it would be very unfortunate for you because, customers seems to be annoyed once there is no social media link in your website.

Outdated Content:

The more the boring your content is the more the repellent to customer it becomes. A much interactive small and to the point content is always required to attract the users. Keeping this in mind you may now have a consideration about the web content that you have.

Scrolling Adverts:

The most annoying thing that keeps on irritate one visitor is the continuous scrolling of advertisement. This is absolute No-No for your website. This will not make visitors go away but also there is a less chance that they come back to your site once again after this. Make sure that there is no such annoying advertisement that goes around your site every time.

Keep in mind these certain things the next time you are planning your website design! And if you have any opinion or want to add up some point to these 5, feel free to come up in the comment section below.