Top Trending Hues In Ui Designs
18-Jul-2017 05:00 PM

Top Trending Hues In Ui Designs

Lots of new trends are blooming every day in the web designing trends. Especially the user experience UX and User Interface designs are the main goal in building either mobile application or website. Techniques are invading every day offering more space for the designers to showcase their talents. Software tools like Photoshop, illustrator, sketch which is used for designing purpose prompts designer to put up subtle visuals for a grandeur visuals. With the support of these advanced tools, half of burden has been reduced one can able to create innovative hues for the eye-catching look. Importance of UI/UX designs in web or app development moves the clients to try it out for a nascent outcome.

Priority to Mobile View

In early days, websites are one of the most targeted ones even though it is responsive. Desktop view is highly concentrated in designing process and UI designs are applied much likely to the websites comparing to the mobile applications. But now over 70% of the media is running at mobile based platforms opening a new door to the UI designers to focus on the mobile based designs as first approach.

Idealistic Layouts

Usually, some default layouts are used primarily for the websites as per the client’s interest. The trend is changing now gradually to the new prototypes with more clickable options. As for functionality is concerned before for websites; It is now prototyped that are targeted more prominently in UI coding. Lots of enterprises put interest in design prototypes for an alluring look.

Prolific Navigation

Navigation designs that are used in olden days come with lesser options. There are no much choices in navigations over the websites or applications. Simple clickable navigations are imported first but now the unusual navigation designs add tincture to the page with comfortable features.

Epitomizing the Visuals

Stocking up more photos is one of the trends in older stages, in order to capture the user attention beautiful images are stocked up. Now the page personalization is given more importance leaving motion sounds, videos in order to prompt the user to cling with the site. Photography images, videos are highly in demand for garnishing the webpage for an attractive look.

Subtle Tincture and Gradients

2017 is a great era for the color palettes and gradients usually some professional standard colors are mostly recommended by the clients but now people are upgraded to use different color combinations by using gradients. Attractive color palettes are used for customizing the web page. By approaching a professional web designing company, one can bring out enchanting visuals by picking out the fashionable colors with the guidance of designers.

Audio Clicks

Designing a background sounds are becoming a fashion today. Most of the popular competitors in the internet world are bringing out the new techniques in the UX designs. For example, in Facebook, if you click on the like/comment option you will experience a click sound. This engages the users with an entertaining option that keeps the customers who access your page from humdrum.

Animation Glides

Animation videos are the recent trending topics that going over the designers. Every company is fond of creating a creative promotional video for advertisements. Giving a short intro with animation slides will catch the user attention largely. In olden days designers are chosen to stay in safe choice since there are high chances for the delay in webpage loading. Evolution of upgraded coding languages like css3, HTML5, JQuery motivated clients to try it for storytelling. Especially the usage of webGL that display 3D graphics in any open GL supported platform gives user a new experience.