The Importance Of Responsive Email Design
12-Jun-2017 01:05 PM

The Importance Of Responsive Email Design

Standing in 2016, we have almost lost or rather we are moving towards a time where the concept of pen and paper is almost gone. We have gone 97% digital these days. Most of our communications and official works are also shifted from the modern eras to that of an era of globalized digitalization. The official statistic says that it is seen almost 52% of official communication is done over email. And in this fast moving world an access to email has become a mandate. Thus having a mobile responsive email design is very much important.

A definition of a “responsive” email is: It should provide optimal design across devices. It should “responds” to the all the devices being used. This should be done in such a way that when viewing on a mobile, a good responsive website would always make sure that the user doesn’t have to pinch & zoom.

So, the question of the hour is exactly what does responsive email design requires?

Technically, it’s a set of principles which is applied to an email design which includes media queries, fluid layouts & images, which are customized copy made for emails suitable for both desktops and mobile devices. While traditional emails generally feature fixed-width frameworks, here the responsive emails adapt to the devices viewport size & display content and it is seen often skipping elements like blocks of text which is to allow touch screen users to read and also to respond calls to action quickly.

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