Futuristic Mobile Phone Features
09-Jun-2017 08:13 PM

Futuristic Mobile Phone Features

In just few years of its emergence, the smart phone has taken a major part of our life. The dependability ratio of the usage is very high these days. By far it has been both a boon and a ban for the human kind, regardless of its importance in our day to day life.

As of now we have seen many changes in this technology, most of which have been for a better experience. We also look forward to the future of this sector. And here are few of the major thinks and innovation that we look forward in the future.

Flexi screens:

Touchscreens smart phones have made it more instinctive than ever and thus the next generation of touchscreens promises to have an innovative in them. Imagine that your phone folds completely like a handkerchief and that it becomes way too portable for you to carry and then again not causing you a problem. Teenagers these days prefer having phone with large screen and they have a regular complain that one drawback of these phones are that they don’t fit your pant pockets. But if this flexible screen comes into real time existence then we hope it would solve these problems too. There are a number of companies, who are working on this idea, let’s see who comes up with the first phone with flexible screen.

Self-powered phones:

Phone battery seems to be a one of the major problems that we face today! For the matter of fact the better your phone is the more battery is discharged. And in this scenario a phone that powers itself would sounds just perfect – and the best part is it might just happen.

There is Piezoelectric devices which can convert mechanical movement into electric current. And the latest research into Nano materials promises an ultra-efficient system which could power your phone using the different vibrations of your voice or the tapping of your fingertips on a touchscreen.

Near Field Communications:

Near Field Communication chips exist already inside many smartphones and it is predicted to get bigger and more efficient in the next few years. As the name suggest, NFC allows contact less communication between two devices – a bit like Bluetooth. Japan is one of the leading countries in the game, when it comes to NFC technology, for the matter of fact Japanese consumers, are already using their phones as a mode of payment for hotel keys cards, airport boarding passes and more.

No doubt that mobile app plays a major role these days, and we have an app for almost every little thing. With these amazing phones we would also get some the most amazing mobile apps, be it ios or android apps. We are very sure that as the world is turning into a digital globe, and mobile apps have just got into a must have lists , we might get surprised with more and more innovative apps coming into existence.