Facebook Now Comes With Choice Of Emojis…
09-Jun-2017 05:44 PM

Facebook Now Comes With Choice Of Emojis…

Ever wondered how easy it would be if you could only commute with facial expressions??

Yes! Today’s Gen-Y is way too lazy to type a sentence or word, instead, would love to comment or place their views in terms of emojis or smileys what we say in common. Facebook seems to have become one of the lifelines in this era. Whether we eat, we sleep or we watch a movie…. It’s all there on Facebook. And as trends go, you will have the couple or more replies or comments on what so ever you have posted.

Previously we only had 2 options to express us, like and comment!  But now, Thanks to Facebook, we have five new ranges of “emotions”, as termed by them, to express all you have in your mind.

These emotions range from loving a matter to being angry about something. You no longer have to write a 3 Para comment to just say that you do not like the fact or matter that has been posted; it’s just a click on the angry button that says it all for you. Yes! It’s been that easy.

Though we know how badly we wanted that dislike button to come up. All those posts which most of us regularly followed on the new dislike button still remains a dream. But Facebook did not disappoint us by launching these 5 new emotions. Which respective are, love: laughter: angry: amazed & sad. We would now, if not less, be lazier to write down our feeling, instead, would keep on using these expressions.

Thank you, Facebook for making us lazier!!!