Digital Marketing Trends & Tactics In 2017
03-Jul-2017 07:27 PM

Digital Marketing Trends & Tactics In 2017

In this pace of digital world, new marketing trends are invading everyday into the trend. Marketing is the soul of every business only its exposure is changing everyday by acquisition of information to the people. Internet world deploy leading-edge techniques to the business enterprises to upsurge their native trading into digital trading. So far in current decades, there is a huge development in marketing especially due to the evolution of automated lifestyle. Artificial intelligence will be fortune in upcoming years that gets the brands much closer with the people through smart devices. Birth of IOT devices, smart devices urge the business sectors to took a great leap in the marketing phase to the next level.

Here are some tactics that are whacking the marketing field in current and forthcoming years

Email Marketing from the Scratch

Some native techniques are still ruling in the marketing campaigns email marketing is one among that native activities. You may think these old techniques never create any impact for your business but old is gold. Every people access emails today, only those who like your product and interested in your product will subscribe for the email ads. So email marketing is one of direct way of reaching the target audience and it will really create the best impact in achieving the traffic and conversion rates.

Embrace your Content Marketing

Content is the real king from and now, as you may know. Creating a direct communication with consumers is easy in content marketing. Establish your uniqueness by penning down an ephemeral content for the business live. This is one-way customer engagement when more readers pay attention to your words it will direct an organic traffic to your site. So always adhere onto relevant content making for the real branding by approaching a best digital marketing company who can develop a creative content for your blogs.

Cling on to Chat Bots for Best Conversions

Chat bots are one of the elite examples of artificial intelligence. It helps to engage more with the customers by implying direct interactions between the customers. This year has been a great year for the evolution of chat bots that are driving out conversions. Many big brands have taken action in creating chat bots for their customer service so they can understand about their target audience mindset easily. Chat bots serve 24-hour customer service which will be the great benefit for the business success.

Engage in Live Streaming Videos

Everybody would love watching videos, especially live streaming is the current trending feature for the product promotions. Recently many companies tried this out for their product launch and press meets and for their grandeur events. Live streaming in social media applications will leverage the traffic rate and simultaneously your target audience will be up to date about your service.

Forge onto Visual Story Telling

Visual contents are always catchy and attractive. Be conscious in dragging the customer attention with the stunning pictures and contents. Some gigantic companies like Apple are growing as untouchables still now. Because of their creative visuals and unique storytelling, your way of content should stand out from the crowd and it should also keep up the originality. People will love if those type of innovative storytelling. Hire a professional graphic designer to provide visual elements to explore your brand.

Smartphone Everywhere

You could find wide range of smartphones has been introduced every year and month. The majority of the people in the world access smartphones and its percentage is increasing day by day. Every service has made online booking through applications, you see it in everywhere. Transport, food order, movie ticket, appointment booking, social media, net banking and much more are invading every day into the market. It promotes your brand directly with the customers, people can find easy in accessing just in finger tip. If you are into the e-commerce service or web-drive then be ready with mobile applications to engage with your target audience.

Bring your Business into Social

From the evolution of social media, social marketing has been invaded and trending more with the people. The majority of the online presence in seen to be in the social media, it is smart of marketing your services. Share your visual contents, podcast videos and live stream to make your marketing meaningful. Snap chat one of the recent evolution is also driving better marketing platform to the enterprises by setting expiry time for your advertisements. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and Pinterest are also making the enormous user engagement by influencing the potential customers.

In the upcoming year, trends will increase offering a better experience for the enterprises to dwell in marketing. Whatever you do be real and original since the way of communication might vary every day but the focus has to be same.