Android App Development With Kotlin And Android Studio 3.0
30-Jun-2017 03:09 PM

Android App Development With Kotlin And Android Studio 3.0

Mobile app development has become popular in these years especially with the increase in accessibility of mobile applications. All over the world, mobile applications are dominating the people creating major impacts in business progress. Digital marketing, e-commerce, social media everything has now been migrated to the mobile platforms urging the developers to build high performing applications. So far java has been used as the coding language for developing the mobile applications. Google recently came out with innovative products that supported for the betterment of mobile application development. It unveils the android studio 3.0 and kotlin for the agile and scalable development of the applications since mobile applications are going to be the digital frontier in forth coming years. Most of the Mobile App development services using this newest release for the successful app development.

Android Studio 3.0

Android IDE has been used as the developing platform that is based on Intellij IDEA for developing process which has been commonly used by the android application developers. Android IDE( Integrated Development Environment) was used majorly by techie’s in development process. But the release of android studio 3.0 thrilled the android developers greatly since it was a great treat to utilize the latest technology for building their mobile applications much more powerful.

Android studio 3.0 essential features are to accelerate the performance and speed rendering a faster development flow. It comes with competing benefits that fasten the app development process, new and apt wizards for android development and emulator system images for Google play store.  This latest platform also coverts image formats like PNG, JPG and static GIF files into webp format.

It has a new window called android profiler that takes part the place of android monitor. These helps support in fetching the real-time data for the influencing the effective performance of the applications.


Kotlin is a programming language based on JVM(java virtual machine). This programming language can be compiled statically by the JavaScript source code. This latest coding language endures top-rated android studio to start working with this kotlin just install the kotlin plugin and explore its development configurations. Although java is used more than 22 years that still comes with best features in developing the latest unveiling of kotlin renders with strong benefits.

Simple Coding

While comparing the kotlin with java, kotlin requires lesser coding lines. It is 20% lesser than java when estimated numerically. This makes the execution of code much better in the platform.


One of the main reason for the growth of this language is it works well with its oldest language java while working out with the same projects. Without switching over to new project one can able to program both kotlin and java in the same project.

Learning Convenience

The syntax used in the kotlin programming language is much simple and easy to understand. You don’t have to spend much more time in learning the language as like java.

Open Source Feature

Kotlin is an open source language, developer don’t need to spend extra cash for migrating from java to kotlin. Simply learn the language and start using the converter tool to switch over from java to kotlin in cost effective manner.

Secure and Safe

The chance of getting errors like NullPointExceptions is lesser in kotlin. You can rectify those mistakes easily by nullable types. It is said to be more secure as it is developed by Jet Brains that gives Intellij with highest-rated android studio that takes the development to the next level. The glitch-free security from the exceptions implies a whacking trend to this programming language that soon take place the role of java all over the world.